Goodibox has a revolutionary concept that immediately engages its audience, guaranteeing that every recipient get to experience your products & service.

Being transparent, the Goodibox guarantees a 100 % opening rate. This means that EVERYONE will see your product even before they try it.

By being in the Goodibox you will be joined by like minded advertryers that will bring extra value to your brand.

Advertrying is a unique experience where targeted consumers get to taste, feel, smell and test your products and services.

The main objective of each Goodibox is to:

* Create top of the mind brand awareness in a thought provoking manner
* Get customers to use your service or buy your products thereby adding to your bottom line
* Grow your client data base
* Give you peace of mind, whilst saving you time & money
* Offer you a flexible, safe, secure, reliable marketing tool