What is the difference between a traditional goodiebag and the Goodibox ?

The Goodibox has been chosen over a traditional “goodiebag” as  it is more robust, and enables manufacturers the opportunity to place more delicate items in the Goodibox, which in normal marketing segments (such as magazine inserts), the promotional item would be subjected to being damaged under pressure or in transit. The Goodibox  is a beautiful memento of a vibrant happy experience in a retail mall, or special event, one not likely to be thrown away on the customers return to the home / office. The Goodibox design is so appealing that it will more than likely end up on a shelf or desk just to be observed and admired.

What about safety?

A very important safety factor to note is that being see through, the Goodibox eliminates any possibility of harmful substances being transmitted into the distribution area.

Is the Goodibox eco friendly?

Because the Goodibox is so well presented and filled will lovely stuff the likelyhood of it being discarded like a flyer on the street is very unlikely.
Research has shown that well presented products go home or to the office, where they are admired and tried. The Goodibox  leaves no waste or litter.