I am writing to offer my highest recommendation for Nazrene Israel and her team at Goodibox.

Simply put, she is unparalleled in her competence, thoroughness, and dedication.

I have relied upon Nazrene for the co-ordination of gifts/goodiboxes for a range of events and she not only demonstrates professionalism, initiative and creativity, but her ability to function under pressure, which is very much a reality in this industry, is invaluable.

She takes the time to research her clients, ensuring their needs are met and thus ensuring a perfect fit of brands every time. Nazrene has an extraordinary sense of service – a rare quality these days – and she puts herself out in ways that transcend a job description and the obligations set forth.

Her intellect and insight in her field is matched by her ability to communicate clearly and manage  and meet her clients demands.

She is always available for meetings and was especially available at all other times through either telephone or email correspondence. At my events Nazrene was continually visible and accessible, personally ensuring service delivery and quality. And that’s the key to what makes Nazrene so effective.

From concept to execution, Nazrene is a pleasure to work with, you will be enormously impressed by her ability to take on difficult challenges and deliver a perfect package. She, and her staff, are terrific, and I look forward to many more years of working with them.

Bianca Church
Brand and Marketing Manager
Century City