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As an upmarket service provider, Goodibox strives to be the market leader in transparent marketing and advertrying.

We love giving, we love interacting with people on a personal level, we love connecting with targeted audiences in a very unique way.

Goodibox always gives away something for FREE.  Allowing targeted consumers to taste, feel, try and experience products and services.  This results in them talking about identified companies, brands and products that we are promoting through Goodibox. Goodibox creates a platform that reinforces brand loyalty through buying after trying.

Goodibox recognises the need to get consumers to  test and try new and existing products so that they can be persuaded into purchasing. We understand what it feels like to be bombarded by traditional marketing methods, and we see a need to reconnect with people face to face.

Goodibox experiences' engage with consumers in such a manner that their automatic response is one of delight, enthusiasm and love.  Goodiboxes create wonderful opportunities to interact with real people, opening up avenues of communication and networking channels, all the while introducing new services and products.

Years of research and personal experiences, as well as ground trials and testing, have ensured that the Goodibox formula is a formula for success.

Goodibox is proud to offer you the opportunity to be a part of our franchise group and experience the tried and tested success that this company has to offer.

Our Mission :

To creating brand advocacy through transparent marketing

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